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Welcome to Chino Engineering 


Chino Engineering Construction Private Limited was established in 2005 to offer engineering services to petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, industrial and marine offshore industries. 

Chino has established an excellent track record in handling different projects in the process industry. The company focus on good planning and man-management, and together with our experienced skilled workforce, the company aims to provide reliable, quality and safe work standard for the client.

In line with the company mission to provide good safety standard for the client, the company has its workforce constantly trained in various courses to upgrade their skills to safety awareness. The company will from time to time, upgrade its workforce to meet the requirement of the clients and to raise their productivity with their new training.

In Chino, we believe that with good man-management planning and constant training of our fellow workers to raise productivity, we will complete projects on schedule at the most competitive price. We dedicate ourselves to provide our clients with efficient, reliable and quality products and services at a cost effective price.

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Service Industry

Oil & Gas
 Oil Refinery, Petrochemical plant 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant
Food & Beverage
F&B Factory
Power & Energy
Power Station, Green Energy
Marine Offshore
Offshore Riding Crew
Building Construction
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant
Industrial Plant System
Skid Module 
FPSO Module, Compressor Skid, Chemical Injection Skid, Industrial Skid
Water Treatment
Water Treatment Plant

Core Services 

Plant Construction

Fabrication and field installation work, testing and commissioning.

Plant Maintenance

Daily maintenance, small projects, equipment overhaul maintenance, modification and repair.

Plant Shutdown & TA

Pre-shutdown planning, Pre-TA work, Shutdown Mobilization and execution.

Mechanical Services 

Fabrication, field installation, Fit up & Welding, Hydrotesting, Punch list, reinstatement
Heavy Lifting
Lifting Crew, Lifting plan
Field installation, cyclone installation
Structural Steel
Fabrication, field installation, bolting & Welding
Leak Test, bolt Tensioning, N2 Testing
Tube repair & replacement
Equipment Installation 
Mechanical installation of static equipment
Skid Module 
Skid fabrication, piping, bottle installation, static equipment
Tank base repair